Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-116
Decal Sheet Title Release The Hounds
Types Featured F-86A, F-4D, Hunter Mk.58A, F-111F, F-101C, C-47A, C54G

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Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-116 "Release The Hounds" predominantly focusses on USAF aircraft, featuring an 81st FIW F-86A, two 8th TFW F-4Ds, a 27th FW F-111F and an 81st TFW F-101C. It also throws in an ATAC F.58 Hunter and an Air America C-47A and C-54G! The airframes featured are:

  • F-86A-5-NA 49-1261 from the 91st FIS, 81st FIW at RAF Shepherds Grove during December 1952. It was overall natural metal  with the fin and rudder painted medium blue with three yellow lightning bolts. The fuselage carried a blue lightning bolt  (outlined in black) with another (outlined in yellow) on the outside of the fuel tanks. The 91st FIS badge was carried superimposed below the fuselage;
  • F-4D-33-MC 66-8804 from the 433rd TFS, 8th TFW at Ubon RTAFB, mid-1972.  This aircraft carried the South East Asian scheme, comprising dark green FS34079, medium green FS34102 and tan FS30219 upper surfaces with light grey FS36622 lower surfaces. White "FG" tailcodes were carried and the weapons load was the GBU-11 PGM;
  • F-4D-33-MC 66-8817 from the 497th TFS, 8th TFW at Ubon RTAFB during 1972. It was painted and marked similarly to 66-8804 but with white 'FP' tailcodes. This aircraft was used for Pave Spike trials;
  • Hunter F.58A N337AX from ATAC at Pt. Mugu NAS during February 2018. It wore ATAC's standard scheme for the type, a two tone grey scheme comprising gloss Gunship Grey FS16118 and gloss ADC Grey FS16473. Markings were in black and comprised the ATAC logo on the fin, "N337AX" on the rear fuselage and a small full color US flag on the upper fin;
  • F-111F 71-0884 from the 524th FS, 27th FW at Cannon AFB during May 1995. It wore the late overall Gunship Grey FS36118 scheme with a yellow fin band containing "HOUNDS" in black, and black "CC" tailcodes;
  • F-101C-45-MC 56-009 from the 81st TFW at RAF Bentwaters during 1963. It was overall aluminium lacquer with the fin painted in blue/yellow/red diagonal bands with contrasting stars, representing the three squadrons of the 81st TFW;
  • C-47A B-933 of Air America, operating from Bangkok airport, Thailand during 1971. It was overall natural metal with blue "AIR AMERICA" logos on the rear fuselage and "B-933" in black on the fin;
  • C-54G N12190 from Air America at Wakkanai, Japan during 1972. It was natural metal with the aluminium highly polished and carried blue "AIR AMERICA" logs mid-fuselage above the cabin windows, with black "N12190" on the rear fuselage and a large US flag on the fin.

Instructions are to Wolfpak's usual format - a color side view of each aircraft, small black and white camouflage diagrams and full unit history, weapons loadout and color information.

The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop.

Review and images by Chris St Clair.