Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Spectre Resins
ID SR72-003
Title Mk-17/Mk-24 Nuclear Weapon
Designed-For Kit N/A

Spectre Resins is a new range of resin accessories produced by Mark S Bilas of Wolfpack Decals fame.  This is his third release, the Mk-17/Mk-24 nuclear weapon.

This was the first mass-produced hydrogen bombs produced by the United States, and the Mk-17 was notable for it's size - it was so big it could only be carried by the B-36 bomber, and was produced between 1954 and 1955.

Again, this is a nice clean casting - what's amazing is the size! It is cast in a dark grey resin which is quite unusual compared to the normal tan and is crisply moulded.  Detail is sparse, but so was the real thing!  The instructions are a single sheet, with a comprehensive history of the weapon.

Review by Chris St Clair, sample provided courtesy of Spectre Resin