Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Monogram
Kit ID 5709
Type B-1B 86-0056
Aftermarket parts used None
Other detail added See article below
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed

Maintrack B-52G Engine modifications

AMT AGM-28 Hound dog missiles

Scratchbuild 1 x MK-53 and 4 x B-43 special weapons and adapters.

Other modifications:

  • Blanking off of all landing gear bays bulkheads
  • Detailing of bomb bay using Detail & Scale B-52 Book
  • Scratchbuild 1 x MK-53 and 4 x B-43 Special Weapons and adapters. The special weapons and their adapters are secured via friction to the rails in the bomb bay ceiling. The weapons were built out of old drop tanks, plasticard and other parts from the spares box
  • The standard Monogram B-52 wing pylons were adapted by removing the iron bomb rail and the interior areas were blanked off except at the exact position were the launch lug for the Hound Dogs would be located
  • The Pylons also received a small red disk in the forward area, which on the real aircraft served as an antenna to update the Hound Dog inertial guidance system
  • The resin Maintrack engine modifications meant for converting the standard Monogram kit to a B-52G slotted in to the standard kit engine parts without any difficulties. The rest of the conversion kit was not used
  • The refueling docking port was opened up. The interior was largely filed with Miliput, except the actual orifice and 2 plasticard doors were added on either side
  • All raised panel lines were sanded off and recarved
  • The decals are largely from the Monogram kit with others from the spares bin
  • The Hound Dog trailer was scratch built using some adapted 12 Squared Engine trailer parts

The model kit survived a serious incident where my cleaning lady dropped a stereo speaker on the front of the fuselage, which sheared off half of it. The model was repaired, repainted and received some new decals courtesy of Phil Buttler. The canopy remains damaged until a replacement can be sourced.

Article and photographs by Alex Hunger