Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Airfix
Kit ID 12003
Type B-1B 86-0056
Aftermarket parts used Cutting Edge decals
Other detail added Dropped flaps, reshaped forward fuselage, rescribed panel lines
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed September 2009

As the last of my AMARC Displays, I fixed up my ancient unstarted Airfix B-1B, which was partially stripped in order to complete the vastly superior Monogram kit.

I dropped the flaps, reshaped the forward fuselage, recarved the panel lines, blocked up the air intakes, chopped bits out of the tail and the radomes. The white areas are Spraylat. The rest is dirt.

Due to the dropped flaps and slats, the wings no longer swing.The rear ECM indentations is also blanked off by plasticard covers. Large parts of the aircraft where painted white and masked with Tamiya tape before painting in Gunship Grey.

Normally, there should be large wooden triangular stands to rest the aircraft on, but I haven't started them yet. It appears as if the ladder and entry hatch are normally kept open.

The actual aircraft is 86-0056 and only recently entered AMARC after leaving 28th BS, 7BW.

The most maintenance intensive aircraft where removed from the inventory to save money, while some of the better airframes are kept in inviolable condition.

The decals are from Cuting Edge, kindly donated by Haydn, and the spares box.

Article and photographs by Alex Hunger