Title AMARG - America's Military Aircraft Boneyard
Author(s) Nicholas A Veronico and Ron Strong
Publisher Speciality Press
ISBN 978-1-58007-139-0

There have been more than a few books published about the Davis-Monthan boneyard over the past few years.  This is the latest to be released, and is by well known authors Nicholas Veronico and Ron Strong.  It is mainly in colour with some period B&W shots.


The book is split into 4 chapters, plus 2 appendixes, and these are split as follows:-

  1. Developing a Strategic Aircraft Reserve
  2. Aircraft Storage and Disposal
  3. Along the Storage Rows
  4. Scrapping the Big Fleets

Each chapter covers a specific theme and has well-written content, with a well-chosen selection of photographs to accompany the text.  It covers the history of the boneyards from their inception after WW2 right up to the current date.

It is reasonably priced and well worth adding to your collection

Review by Chris St Clair