Publisher Woodfield Publishing
Authors Graham Haynes
ISBN ISBN 1-84683-032-X
Book Title Bentwaters & Woodbridge - An illustrated history of the USAF Twin Base complex in East Anglia

I first came across this book after Mike Chilestone posted on the IPMS(UK) forum that his wife had bought it him for Christmas and his post included a link to the publisher.

It's a softback book comprising 170 pages split into 10 chapters covering the history of RAF Bentwaters, the history of RAF Woodbridge, Squadron histories, based aircraft types, training deployments to Wheelus AB, a reflection of Victor Alert, a pilots story of flying the F-86A and F-84F from RAF Bentwaters, Wall art created by various based units, a look around some of the buildings and structures that exist today and an introduction to the Bentwaters Cold War Museum. The book is extremely well illustrated with many colour and black and white pictures most of which appear to be previously unpublished.

Thoroughly recommended !

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Review by Haydn Hughes