Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Travers
Decal Sheet ID 72-037
Decal Sheet Title F-16 Fighting Falcon
Types Featured F-16A/B/C

DISCLAIMER: USAF SIG does not vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any item - we review what we see so that you, the modeller, can make up your own mind! However, where we are aware of errors or omissions, we will note this in our review.

Travers sheet 72-037 provides markings for six different F-16Cs. The aircraft featured are:

  • F-16C-30 85-1412 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW during 1985.This wore the standard three-tone grey scheme comprising FS36118, FS36270 and FS36375. The fin wore a large blue/red/yellow horizontal band with a black and white dragon superimposed. The fin base wore "512 TFS" (port) and "512 AMU" (starboard) in black outlined in white. The decals provide "512 AMU" for both sides, without the white outline; 
  • F-16C-25B 83-1158 SW 'Sweet... but deadly' from the 33rd TFS during Desert Storm in December 1990. It wore the standard three-tone-grey scheme with black "SW" tailcodes and a black fin band containing "FALCONS". On the starboard fuselage behind the cockpit was grey chalk artwork of a woman with "Sweet... but deadly!" in dark red (although in bright red on the decal sheet);
  • F-16C-25D 84-1281 "SW" 'Hammer Time' from the 363rd TFW during Desert Storm in December 1990. It wore the standard three-tone-grey scheme with black SW tailcodes (... On the starboard fuselage behind the cockpit was a chalk pin-up figure riding a shark with "Hammer Time" in light grey. Unfortunately the shape of the artwork on the sheet is nothing like the real thing, and "HAMMER TIME" is depicted in yellow outlined in black;
  • F-16A-15A ADF 80-0583 from the 194th FIS, 144th TFG, California ANG. This wore the standard three-tone grey scheme. A large stylised black eagle was carried on the fin with "California" on the fin base; 
  • F-16B-15J ADF 82-1027 'City of Redmond' (incorrectly identified as an F-16A) from the 114th TFS, Oregon ANG. This wore the three-tone-grey scheme with a dark grey eagle on the fin and "Oregon" in white. The artwork specific to this aircraft (carried on the intake and travel pods) is not provided;
  • F-16A-10C 80-0505 from the 127th TFW, Michigan ANG. Again, this wore the three-tone-grey scheme with a grey and white dolphin on the fin, a grey/white checkered fin band and "Michigan" in black on the fin base.

The instructions are on a double-sided black-and white sheet with only a right-side view of each aircraft, together with a four view showing stencilling.

A single set of stencilling is provided, but it is very indistinct and the orange markings used on the early aircraft are provided in pink on the sheet! In addition, some of the decals are out of register and the white is more cream (although this could be because the decal sheet is quite old and might "whiten" if exposed to sunlight for a while!) Furthermore, the size and shape of the tailcodes and serials are not correct as they appear too "blocky".

Unfortunately, this sheet cannot be recommended due to it's errors. Luckily, most (if not all) of the markings are available elsewhere.

Review and images by Chris St Clair