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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

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Print Scale sheet 72-435 provides markings for four different SR-71A Blackbirds. These are:

  • 61-7979 - this was the first SR-71A to be flown on an operational mission and carried tiger artwork on the fins;
  • 61-7958 - this was the first SR-71A delivered to Beale AFB and set a number of records for speed and altitude during 1976. It was named "Ichi Ban" and carried a white snake with a red number 1 on the fins and the "ICHI BAN" name;
  • 61-7979 - as flown by the 9th SRW during 1990 and named "Night Hawk"  with a large white chalk emblem and "Night Hawk" on the fins;
  • 61-7970 - this aircraft was lost on 17 June 1970 following a collision during refueling. It carried a pink panther on a bomb on the fins and the name "SUPER SKATER".

All aircraft were painted in the standard black scheme. 

Instructions are in color on a single A4 sheet and comprise a left view of each aircraft with small color photographs of the fin.

On inspection of the decals, the white appears grey; this could be due to the blue backing but also suggests that the decals may not be sufficiently opaque to cover a black surface. Additional, the red walkway lines are insufficiently dense and may need to be replaced.

This sheet should therefore be treated with caution, but does provide some interesting markings.     

Review by Chris St Clair