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Record-Breaking Super Sabres

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F-100C, F-100F


DISCLAIMER: USAF SIG does not vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any item - we review what we see so that you, the modeller, can make up your own mind! However, where we are aware of errors or omissions, we will note this in our review.

Print Scale sheet 72-442 provides markings for four F-100 Super Sabres used for record-breaking flights. These are:

  • F-100C-1-NA 53-1709, used to set a supersonic speed record over Edwards AFB, Californina on August 20, 1955. This wa overall natural metal with a red/orange fin, nose, wing leading edge and outer wings. This is presumed to be Fluorescent Red/Orange FS28913 (although not stated in the instructions);
  • F-100C-1-NA-53-1709 marked during a later period when it was used by NASA at the Ames Flight Research Centre between 1956 and 1972. During this period, the red/orange on the fin was extended to the fin base, a yellow fin band (outlined in black) contains "NASA" with "AMES" underneath, and it wore large "TEST" markings on the fuselage; 
  • F-100C-25-NA 54-2096 from the 21st FDS, 413th FDW at George AFB, California. This won the Bendix Trophy race on August 31, 1956. It was overall natural metal with blue fin and nose bands, the fin badge containing the 21st FDS emblem (although this is repeated on both sides of the fin whereas the starboard side would normally carry the Wing badge);
  • F-100F-1-NA 56-3730 'Spirit of St Louis II' which was flown as part of the Charles Lindburgh Commemoration Flight from New York to Paris on May 21, 1957, setting a new transatlantic speed record;. It appears to be overall aluminium lacquer with red/white/blue bands on the fin and nose. At a later period, the red/white/blue fin band was replaced with a dark blue fin tip and an olive-green lightning flash was added to the fin and fuselage, together with painted wingtips - although the colour is unclear as the side view has them in green whilst the upper view is blue;
  • F-100F-15-NA 56-3950 'City of Barstow' flown by the 1st FDS, 413th FDW. This aircraft was flow by Chuck Yeager. Again it appears to be overall aluminium lacquer with two red bands on the fin, outlined in white dn with the lower band cotaining the squadron badge. Three red bands were carried on the nose, separated by white and the aircraft also carried red wingtips with a white edge.

Print Scale provide an A4 sheet with a colour side view of each aircraft and small photographs. Scrap views are provided for the upper surfaces and wingtips. However, a fundamental problem is that this sheet provides NO color information whatsoever, leaving the modeller to perform their own research! 

The decal sheet provides the main markings but no stencilling. An ongoing problem with Print Scale is their inability to print decals sufficiently opaque, and this affects both the red and white on this sheet, potentially rendering much of it unusable.

Unfortunately, whilst the subjects are interesting, this is not one of Print Scale's better sheets.

Review by Chris St Clair