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Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star Part 1

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Print Scale sheet 72-447 provides markings for four Lockheed F-80A/B/C Shooting Stars. The aircraft featured are:

  • F-80B-1-LO 45-8598 from the 36th FG at Furstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany during 1948. It was overall natural metal with:
    • Blue, red and green bands on the fin;
    • Three diagonal red bands on the rear fuselage;
    • A stylised lightning bolt on the fin, changing from blue, through red to green on the fuselage; and
    • Blue, red and Green arrows on the wingtip fuel tanks;
  • P(F)-80A-5-LO 44-85464 from the 56th FG at Furstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany during 1948. It was overall natural metal with:
    • A blue nose;
    • Red/Yellow/Blue fin bands containing a black "O";
    • Diagonal red/yellow/blue bands on the rear fuselage; and
    • Blue/yellow/red-painted wingti fuel tanks.
  • F-80B-5-LO 45-8704 from the 137th FBG (Oklahoma National Guard) at Will Rogers Field during 1953. Again, it was natural metal. A blue band was carried on the fin and a diagonal blue/red/orange/yellow/bue band was on the nose. Also carried were blue lighning flashes outlined in white and red on the fuselage, fin and wingtip fuel tanks;
  • P(F)-80C-5-LO 47-545 from the 63d FW as flown during the USAF Gunnery Meet at Nellis AFB on March 26, 1950. It was overall natural metal with an arctic red rear fuselage and fin. The nose was yellow with red/yellow/green stripes superimposed. Red/yellow/green stripes were also carried on the rear fuselage. The outer wing was arctic red with a yellow band inboard.

 Print Scale provide an A4 sheet with a colour side view of each aircraft and small photographs. Scrap views are provided for the upper surfaces and wingtips. However, a fundamental problem is that this is another Print Scale sheet which provides NO color information whatsoever. 

The decal sheet provides the main markings and a very limited set of stencilling for one aircraft. An ongoing problem with Print Scale is their inability to print decals sufficiently opaque, and this affects both the red and white on this sheet, potentially rendering much of it unusable. Furthermore, Print Scale have tried to provide the surrounds for the USAF lettering on the wing of the Arctic Red aircraft (47-545); however they have provided it in white when it should be natural metal (or at least aluminium)

Unfortunately, whilst the subjects are interesting, the quality of printing means that this is not one of Print Scale's better sheets.

Review by Chris St Clair