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2004 IPMS/USA National Convention

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The 2004 IPMS USA National Convention decal sheet featured a number of subjects including a P-51D Mustang from the 3525th TW.

P-51D-30-NT 45-11608 was overall natural metal with gold and black chequers on the fin, wingtips, horizonal tail tips and the main landing gear doors. A large gold stripe (outlined in black) was carried on the fuselage with "FF-608" superimposed and the aircraft also carried a black spinner with a gold stripe and a gold canopy frame.

The instructions provide a four view of the aircraft and a history of the aircraft's pilot. The decals are on a single A5 sheet in perfect register and the gold is provided as true metallic decal, with the white of the stars 'n' bars being sufficiently opaque.

Review by Chris St Clair