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13th TFS F-4Ds over Vietnam

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The first 1/72 decal sheet from Inside the Armour Publications (D7201) covers F-4Ds of the 13th TFS.

This sheet was produced in collaboration with Lt. Colonel Robert J. Bowers, who flew "Black Mariah", one of the aircraft on the sheet. The individual aircraft featured are:

  • F-4D-32-MC 66-8723 "Ripley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT"
  • F-4D-32-MC 66-8715 "Bad News"
  • F-4D-32-MC 65-8702 "MR SNOOPY"
  • F-4D-32-MC 66-8710 "BLACK MARIAH"

All aircraft wore the standard SEA scheme, comprising FS34079 Dark Green, FS34102 Medium Green and FS30219 Tan upper surfaces with FS36622 Light Grey undersides. All carried a medium blue fin cap with white "OC" tailcodes to represent the 13th TFS.

Instructions provide color left and right drawings for each aircraft showing the individual markings, and both colour and black & white photos are provided where available. Thanks to Lt. Col. Bowers, full weapons load-outs are proviedd for the actual missions flown.

The decal sheet is small but in perfect regfister and provides tail codes and individual art for each aircraft.


Review by Chris St Clair