Scale  1/72
Manufacturer  Model Alliance
Decal Sheet ID  MA72-161
Decal Sheet Title  Airwars - Afghanistan 2003-7 Part 1
Types Featured  F-16C

Model Alliance tend to focus mainly on UK aircraft, but have now started to branch out into other subjects.  Whilst there is little on this sheet for USAF modellers, I did notice that it covers a USAF F-16C, so picked it up anyway!

Overall the sheet is extremely crowded, with no less than 11 sets of markings for 9 different aircraft types from 8 different air forces!  The markings of interest to us are for an F-16C Block 50B, being 90-0815 “SW” from the 77th FS “Gamblers”, 20th FW, 9th AF which was based at Kabul AB in Afghanistan during 2007.

The aircraft is in the revised 2 tone scheme of Gunship Grey (FS36118) and Neutral Grey (FS36270), with a red tail band containing the “Gamblers” flash and a full color ACC badge on the fin, all other markings being in grey.

The sheet is highly glossy and the markings look a little thicker than some manufacturers, but appear to be completely in register.

There are few stencils, and these would need to come from an alternative source.

Overall, a nice sheet, although rather expensive given it’s limited use to USAF modellers (it is mainly targeted to those modellers trying to depict a range of aircraft as used in Afghanistan).

Review by Chris St Clair