Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Syhart Decal
ID 72-051
Title US Air Force RIAT Tiger 2005
Types Featured KC-135R

Syhart mainly focus on colourful NATO and European display schemes, so this sheet, covering KC-135R 61-0313 from the 916th ARW is quite unusual for them, although this was a display aircraft marked up for the 2005 Tiger Meet.

The aircraft is in overall grey (FS36173) with black titles.  Colour comes in the form of a large tiger's head and tiger stripes on the forward fuselage, tiger paws on each outboard engine nacelle and a smaller tiger on the fin.

I believe the sheet to be printed using an Alps printer, and everything is in register.  The colours are quite bright, and my only concerns are that (i) some of the black outlines are a little thicker than the real thing and (ii) some of the smaller areas of color are missing and replaced with black (for example between the tiger's claws).

The instructions are printed in color and comprise 3 views and color details.  Photographs of this aircraft are readily available on

Review by Chris St Clair