Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Superscale
Decal Sheet ID 72-873
Decal Sheet Title F-16C Falcons
Types Featured F-16C

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Superscale Decals sheet 72-873 provides markings for F-16Cs from the 86th TFW, 132d FW and 122d FW. The aircraft are:

  • F-16C-30 85-0412 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW at Ramstein AB, Germany during 1985. This aircraft was painted in the early three-tone-grey scheme comprising FS36118 Gunship Grey, FS36270 Neutral Grey and FS36375 Light Compass Ghost Grey. The fin wore horizontal blue/red/yellow bands with a black dragon superimposed (the emblem of the 86th TFW). "512TH TFW" was carried in black on the left fin base and "512TH AMU" on the right;
  • F-16C-42 89-2019 from the 132d FW, Iowa ANG. This wore the newer two-tone grey scheme comprising FS36118 and FS36270. A black fin band contained "IOWA" in white, outlined in red and on the fin was a large snake head with "132 FW" in black outlined in red below it. On the fin base was "DES MOINES", again in black outlined in red; 
  • F-16C-25 84-1377 from the 122d FW, Indiana ANG at Fort Wayne. This was painted in the two-tone grey scheme. The fin carried a black band, outlined in yellow and containing "Indiana" in yellow script. A white/grey/black lightning flash was on the upper fin with black "FW" tailcodes. The fin base carried "BLACKSNAKES" in black.

Instructions comprise a left side view showing markings for each aircraft, and small stencilling drawings are also provided.

The decals are printed with minimal clear coat and are extremely thin.

This sheet has been out of production for many years, but provides some interesting markings.

Review and images by Chris St Clair

Chris St Clair's F-16C 85-0412