Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Microscale
ID 1093
Title Holloman's Eagle
Types Featured F-15A

This is one of the original batch of Microscale sheets and covers a single subject - the first production F-15A Eagle 76-049.  This was delivered to the 49th TFW and was known as "Holloman's Eagle".  It carries the standard Compass Ghost Grey scheme of FS36320 and FS36373, with the "HO" tailcode in black and "HOLLOMAN'S EAGLE" in black on the nose.

For an early Microscale sheet, it appears well printed and has a small amount of stencilling.

The instructions comprise a single side of A4 and cover left, right top and bottom views in black and white.  However, no information is provided about the aircraft itself.

Review by Chris St Clair