Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Modelmark
ID Sheet No.3
Title The Black Eagle Squadrons
Types Featured FW190A-3, A-6A Intruder, F-102A Delta Dagger

I'd never even heard of Modelmark before, and I'd certainly not seen this sheet, which is quite interesting as it has as its' theme squadrons which had a Black Eagle in their insignia.

The aircraft featured are mainly non-USAF, but there is one subject of interest - an F-102A from the Connecticut ANG.  Modelmark suggest that you paint the fin black then apply their decal which has the grey and white in the shape of an Eagle.  I'm not sure this would work as the grey might be difficult to match, but I'm sure it would make an interesting subject.

The Air National Guard insignia are nicely printed in blue and are in good register, and the fuselage U.S.AIR FORCE logo is nicely printed in black.

The instructions are extremely limited with just a side view and color notes, but as it's a very simple scheme, this is not really a problem.

Review by Chris St Clair