Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Platz
Title USAF F-22A Raptor
Types Featured F-22A

Platz is not a well-known name in the UK, but they have mastered the RQ-1 Predator kit reissued by Accurate Miniatures and Italeri, and are in the process of producing MQ-9 Reaper and RQ-4 Global Hawk kits.  This is their first USAF-relevant decal sheet and covers the F-22A Raptor.  The sheet covers virtually all USAF F-22A units as well as containing all squadron and wing badges for the Japanese Air Defence Force, who are potentially interested in operating the Raptor.  The USAF airframes and units covered are as follows:-

  • 1st FW, Langley AFB - F-22A Block 30 05-4101;
  • 192nd FW, Langley AFB - F-22A Block 20 04-4082;
  • 49th FW, Holloman AFB - F-22A Block 30 05-4088;
  • 7th FS, 49th FW, Holloman AFB - F-22A Block 30 05-4106;
  • 411th FLTS, Edwards AFB - F-22A Block 10 91-4008;
  • 302nd FS, Elmendorf AFB - F-22A Block 30 05-4102;
  • 525th FS, Elmendorf AFB - F-22A Block 30 06-4125 and F-22A Block 30 064122;
  • 433rd WS, Nellis AFB - F-22A Block 30 06-4109;
  • 422nd TES, Nellis AFB - F-22A Block 10 99-4010

The sheet is beautifully printed by Cartograf and is perfectly in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.  All relevant wing and squadron badges are provided, together with enough formation lights and refuelling probe outlines for 3 airframes.

Other than a set of very small 4-view drawings showing stencil locations (of which there is very little on the Raptor), there are no other instructions, but these are easily available elsewhere.

Platz quote the colors for the Raptor as being FS36251 Light Grey and FS36176 Dark Grey (this being the "Mod Eagle" scheme as applied to the current F-15 fleet).  Time will tell whether this is correct or not, as the debate about the "metallic" sheen to the F-22 finish has still not been resolved!

All in all this is a really nice sheet, although rather expensive.  I purchased my copy from the Aviation Hobby Shop (

Review by Chris St Clair