Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-067
Decal Sheet Title F-82 Twin Mustang
Types Featured F-82F, F-82G

Print Scale sheet 72-067 contains markings for six different F-82 Twin Mustangs.  All were painted overall gloss black with Insignia Red (FS11136) markings and the following airframes are featured:

  • F-82F 46-479/FQ-479 "Hard Luck" from the 5th F(AW)S based at Mitchel AFB (incorrectly noted as Mitchell AFB in the instructions) during 1949. This had a yellow spinner, two diagonal yellow fuselage stripes and "Hard Luck" in yellow on the nose.  The fin and wing tips were medium blue outlined in yellow and containing yellow stars.
  • F-82G 46-363/FQ-383 from the 68th F(AW)S based in Korea during 1950. This aircraft carried a large 68th F(AW)S badge on the fin.
  • F-82G 46-477/FQ-477 from the 318th F(AW)S based at McChord AFB during 1949.This carried "Night Takeoff" in yellow and red on the radar pod, with a pinup model superimposed, a blue/white/red flash on the wing tanks and a large 318th F(AW)S badge on the fin.
  • F-82G 46-403/FQ-403 from the 4th F(AW)S. This was named "Miss Carriage" and carried the 4th F(AW)S badge on the fin, together with a medium blue spinner.
  • F-82G 46-390/FQ-390 from the 4th F(AW)S based at Naha AB, Okinawa during 1950. This carried "Midnight Sinner" in blue on the nose with a pinup model below and a large 4th F(AW)S badge on the fin, together with a pale blue spinner.
  • F-82G 46-400/FQ-400 from the 4th F(AW)S, Naha AB, Okinawa during 1950. This was Colonel John Sharpe's personal aircraft and carried "Call Girl" lettering on the inside starboard fuselage and a 4th F(AW)S badge on the fin.

The instructions comprise a single double-sided sheet of A4, with a side view of each aircraft and a top and bottom view, plus a black and white photograph of three of the aircraft.

The decal sheet appears to be in good register. The red seems a little light, but this will probably darken when applied to a black airframe.

A single set of white/red stars'n'bars are provided, but stencil data will need to come from another source.

Review and images by Chris St Clair