Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-108
Decal Sheet Title Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw / S-55 Part 2
Types Featured H-19A, H-19B, H-19C, CH-19D, HRS-1, HRS-3

Print Scale continue to interspace sheets of "regular" aircraft with more unusual types and this sheet is no exception, covering no less than 10 different H-19/S-55 aircraft of which 3 are USAF. The specific airframes covered are:

  • H-19A 51-3886 based in Korea furing 1951, painted overall aluminium;
  • H-19A 51-3893 "Hop-a-Long" depicted during it's transatlantic flight during 1952. Overall aluminium with a yellow/black search and rescue band on the rear fuselage and "HOPALONG" in red on the nose;
  • H-19B 51-3822 assigned to an unknown USAF rescue unit during 1959, painted overall Insignia Yellow (FS13538);
  • CH-19D 57-5931 from the US Army in Arctic markings of gloss white and Flourescent Red-Orange (FS28913) during 1958;
  • CH-19D 54-1432 from the US Army in later Arctic markings of overall International Orange (FS12197) during 1960;
  • H-19C 114272 from the US Army in overall Olive Drab (FS14087) based at Yongsan, Korea during 1953;
  • HRS-1 127785 from HR-1, HMR-163 US Marine Corps in Korea during 1951, painted overall FS15042;
  • HRS-3 141230 from HP-1, HMR-163 US Marine Corps at Oppama, Japan during 1955, painted FS15042 with Gloss White upper surfaces;
  • HRS-3 130230 from WX-97, H&MS-36, US Marine Corps based at Santa Ana, California during 1957 and painted overall Light Gull Grey (FS35440);
  • HRS-3 130240 from HC-1, US Navy during 1959, painted overall FS28913.

Instructions comprise a double-sided A4 color photocopy with a single side view of each airframe and a small photograph of each real aircraft. The sheet is in good register and contains a single set of stencils.

Another interesting sheet from Print Scale!

Review and images by Chris St Clair