Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-110
Decal Sheet Title Douglas A-26 Invader
Types Featured A-26/B-26

Print Scale sheet 72-110 "Douglas A-26 Invader" focusses mainly on WW2 subjects and foreign Invaders, but does include markings for two USAF aircraft. The airframes featured are:-

  • A-26C-30-DT 44-35345 "U" from the 3rd BG during mid-1952, painted overall gloss black with red serials and tail numbers, a white "U" on the fin and a yellow fin tip. This aircraft carried "girlie" nose art and the name "Martha Ann";
  • A-26B-50-DL 44-34317 "X" from the 90th BS, 3rd BG in Korea during 1952. This was overall light grey with black engine nacelles and wing lower surfaces. It carried yellow wingtips, tailplane tips and fin-tip and a black "X" on the tailfin. It also carred nose art and the name "Jersey Bounce" in red. The aircraft also had a B-26C glass nose instead of the solid 'B nose.

The sheet relies upon the kit for stencils and only national markings are provided. The style and shape of the serials and national markings ("U.S. AIR FORCE") are inconsistent, but this could be prototypical given that it pre-dates T.O. 1-1-4.

A side view is provided for each airframe, together with an upper surface diagram for the light grey aircraft. Decals are in good register, to Print Scale's usual standard. 

Post-war markings for the A-26 are limited, so this sheet is quite interesting, although research may be required to validate the markings and colors used.

Review and images by Chris St Clair