Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fireball Modelworks
Decal Sheet ID FMD-24-72
Decal Sheet Title Basic Training Hueys - The USAF's TH-1H and UH-1H Trainers at Fort Rucker
Types Featured TH-1H, UH-1H

Fireball Modelworks is not a well known company, but sheet FMD-24-72, covering TH-1H and UH-1H Hueys as used for basic training by the USAF at Fort Rucker, is a really useful sheet for a previously un-covered type. The TH-1H/UH-1H Hueys of the 23rd Flying Training Squadron at Fort Rucker carried three different schemes, and all are covered by this sheet. Airframes include:-

  • TH-1H 74-22502 during August 2010, painted overall Gloss Gunship Grey (FS16118);
  • TH-1H 73-22133 during November 2005, again painted Gloss Gunship Grey (FS16118);
  • UH-1H 72-21549 "Tony the Tiger" during March 2011. This was the only aircraft painted in a prototype two-tone scheme of Gloss Gunship Grey (FS16118) and Gloss Light Grey (FS16495);
  • UH-1H 70-16443 during May 2006, painted overall Flat CARC Helo Drab (FS34031).

Instructions comprise 4 sides of A4 color photcopy, with left and right views of each scheme, detailed color information and full stencil information. Information as to how to build the TH-1H is also provided, since no kit is currently available.

The decal sheet itself is printed using an Alps printer and contains enough markings and stencils for all four airframes.

A very interesting sheet of a rarely-seen subject!

Review and images by Chris St Clair