Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Dutch Decal
Decal Sheet ID 72074
Decal Sheet Title
Types Featured Westland Lynx UH/SH-14A/B/C/D, F-86F, F-100, F-102A, F-4E

Dutch Decals, as the name suggests, specialise in Dutch subjects; this sheet focusses mainly on the Westland Lynx in Dutch service, but also covers a selection of aircraft operated by the USAFE from Dutch airfields. The aircraft featured are:-

  • 52-5418 F-86F-25-NH FU-418 from the 512th FDS based at Soesterberg AB during 1954. Overall natural metal with yellow wing tips, canopy and now stripe;
  • 54-1871 F-100C-20-NA FW-871 from the 32nd FIS based at Soesterberg AB during 1959. Overall natural metal with a red/white/blue fin flash and similar nose emblem;
  • 56-1032 F-102A-55-CO FC-032 from the 32nd FIS, again at Soesterberg AB during 1960. Overall natural metal with a red/white/blue fin and airbrake;
  • 68-0443 F-4E-39-MC CR from the 32d TFS, 17th AF based at Soesterberg AB during 1978. Overall South East Asian scheme of FS34079/FS34102/FS30219 upper surfaces and FS36622 lower surfaces with all aircraft identification markings in light grey.

Instructions comprise a double-sided full-colour A3 sheet with left and right side views and an upper surface layout for the F-4E.

The decals are in perfect register and the white and yellow are both opaque.

All in all, an interesting and useful sheet.

Review and images by Chris St Clair