Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-077
Decal Sheet Title "Bandits"
Types Featured T-38A, MiG-23MS, F-7II, A-7D, E-8C

Following declassification of the activities of the 4477th TES (otherwise known as the "Red Eagles" during 2006, there have been a number of books published, but this is the first decal sheet to cover the subject. Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-077 provides markings for a mixture of types from the 4477th, including the T-38A, MiG-23MS and F-7II. It also covers T-38A and A-7D aircraft from the 4450th TG (whose primary aircraft was the F-117A). Rounding out the sheet is an E-8C from the 116th ACW. The individual aircraft featured are:-

  • T-38A-25-NO 60-0553 from the 4477th TES, based at Tonopah Test Range during November 1986. Painted in an Aggressor scheme comprising FS17778, FS10049 and FS10227, this aircraft carried Bort "Red 53" and was flown by Lt Col Manclark and SSgt Westcott;
  • MiG-23MS with bort "Red 44" from the 4477th TES during 1981, painted in a two-tone scheme which is believe to approximate to FS16473 and FS26270 - note that no color details have ever been released, but it is believed that these aircraft were painted using "standard" USAF paints;
  • F-7II (J-7) Bort "Red 77" from the 4477th during 1987. Again, actual colors are not known but appear to match ADC Grey (FS26473) with dark green areas close to FS34079;
  • A-7D-6-CV 69-6235 "LV" from the 4450th TG at Tonopah during August 1988. This was one of the aircraft used both for training and to conceal the 4450th's "real" mission - flying the F-117A. The aircraft carried the standard Grey/Green scheme, comprising FS34079 and FS36081. The "LV" tailcodes refer to "Las Vegas" - the nearest major town - but were unofficial and never formally adopted;
  • T-38A-35-NO 60-0572 "TR" from the 4450th TG at Tonopah during November 1987. This carried a two-tone grey scheme of FS16270 and FS16118;
  • E-8C 93-0597 "WR" from the 116th ACW at Warner Robins AFB during May 2006, painted overall FS16515.

 Instructions comprise a single color side view for each aircraft, black and white camouflage schemes and eight black and white pages containing aircraft histories, color information and weapons loadouts.

The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop and are commendably thin and on register; the only item of note is that the Insignia Blue for the "USAF", "U.S.AIR FORCE" and stars'n'bars appears a little light.

Yet another great sheet from Wolfpak, which has been highly appreciated by some amongst us!

Review and images by Chris St Clair