Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 12-14
Decal Sheet Title Thank You
Types Featured QF-104A, A-10A, RF-101B, C-123K, CH-47F

The Wolfpak Decals “free” sheet for 2014 includes markings for no less than four different USAF types (QF-104A, A-10A, RF-101B and C-123K), plus a US Army CH-47F. The individual aircraft are:-

  • QF-104A 55-2957 based at Eglin AFB during October 1961. This aircraft flew the first unmanned QF-104 drone mission and was painted overall FS28913 with white upper wings and air intake lips and “bullets”, and ADC Grey (FS16473) lower wings and nose radome. The underwing pylos and external wingtip tanks were painted aluminium lacquer;
  • A-10A 81-0993 “AK” from the 18th TFS based at Eilson AFB, Alaska during August 1986. It was painted in the European One scheme, comprising FS36081 Dark Grey, FS34092 Dark Green and FS34102 Medium Green. It carried medium blue tail-fin tips containing a black fox, large “FAIRBANKS” artwork on the engine nacelles and smaller emblems on the external fuel tanks. All markings were in black;
  • RF-101B 59-0453 from the 192nd TRS, Nevada ANG based at Reno AFB, Nevada during 1974. The aircraft was in the four tone South East Asia scheme, comprising FS34079 Dark Green, FS34102 Medium Green and FS30219 Tan upper surfaces with FS36622 Light Grey lower surfaces. Markings were limited to “AF 59” in black and “453” in white;
  • C-123K 55-4543 modified for Project Duck Hook. The aircraft appears to be painted in a four tone scheme, comprising black/very dark grey, dark green and medium green upper surfaces and partially light grey under surfaces. No individual markings were carried other than small stars’n’bars. No information has been found specifying the actual colors used, so the modeller must make their own choices!

As usual for Wolfpak, instructions comprise a single side view of each aircraft, black and white camouflage scheme details and full history, paint and weapons loadouts for each type.

The decal sheet is, as usual, printed by Fantasy Printshop.

As this sheet was provided free to shoppers who purchased directly from Wolfpak, it is not freely available, but may turn up online from time to time.

Review and images by Chris St Clair