Scale 1/72
Manufacturer LF Models
Decal Sheet ID C72163
Decal Sheet Title T-33 Shooting Stars over Korea
Types Featured T-33A

LF Models sheet C72163 provides markings for two T-33s as flown in Korea during 1951/2. The sheet provides both aircraft markings and a set of vinyl masks. The aircraft featured are:-

  • T-33A-1-LO 49-979 "TR-979" from the 35th FIS (incorrectly identified with tailcode 9799 and show as being from the 35th FBS) based at Suwon AB, Korea during Spring 1952 and flown by Lt Henry Weaver. This was overall natural metal with a red nose and tail stripe together with yellow fuselage and wing bands outlined in black, with "SNAFU" on the nose;
  • T-33A-1-LO 49-977 "TR-977" from the 25th FIS (ncorrectly identified as 25th FBS) based at Suwon AB, Korea during summer 1951. Natural metal with a red nose and fuselage stripe, two red fin bands and red wingtip tanks, together with "WE TWO" in red on the nose.

Instructions comrpise an A6 sheet with colour 4 views for each aircraft.

LF have taken an unusual approach, with only the serial numbers and unique aircraft names and badges provided as decals. All other markings are designed to be masked and painted using the vinyl masks provided.

Whilst an interesting approach, this does make the sheet rather expensive!

Review and images by Chris St Clair