Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-193
Decal Sheet Title Martin B-56 Canberra Part 1
Types Featured B-57B, B-57C, RB-57D, EB-57E

Print Scale sheet 72-193 provides markings for nine B-57s, eight of which are USAF subjects. These are:-

  • RB-57A-MA 52-1474 from the 1st TRS, 10th TRW based in Germany during 1957. Incorrectly identified as a B-57B by Print Scale, the aircraft was overall gloss black with a large yellow emblem on the fin, all other markings being Insignia Red;
  • B-57B-MA 52-1567 "PV" from the 13th BS, 35th TFW. Overall SEA scheme with black undersides and a red or orange rudder (unclear as Print Scale do not identify which), with white "PV" tailcodes;
  • B-57B-MA 52-1574 "H" from the 71st BS, 38th BW during 1957, in overall gloss black with a gloss red rudder and white "H". All markings were Insignia Red and the aircraft carried a red/white striped lance on the wingtip fuel tanks with a superimposed emblem;
  • B-57B-MA 53-3862 "I" from the 822nd BS, 38th BW, painted overall gloss black with a gloss yellow rudder containing a black "I". This aircraft carried the 38BW emblem on the wingtip fuel tanks, comprising a yellow bird emerging from a white cloud. All other markings were Insignia Red;
  • B-57C-MA 53-3840 "FS" from the 4424th CCTS, 1st TFW. This aircraft was in the South East Asian (SEA) scheme, comprising dark green FS34079, medium green FS34102 and tan FS30219 upper surfaces with black undersurfaces. It carried white "FS" tailcodes, TAC badges on the fin and Wing badges on the nose;
  • B-57C-MA 53-3841 "A" from the 405th BS, 38th BW during July 1957. This aircraft was overall gloss black with an emerald green rudder. A large white "A" was carried on the rudder, all other markings being Insignia Red. It carried a styllised green/white dragon outline on the wingtip fuel tanks;
  • RB-57D 53-3975 from the 4025th SRW based at Frankfurt as part of Operation Bordentown during 1950. This aircraft carried the standard RB-57D scheme comprising a white upper fuselage and wings with the remainder of the aircraft in gloss black. All markings were Insignia Red. The aircraft carried "WEATHER" markings on the fin, comprising white letters on a yellow outlined blue band, together with the MATS emblem on the fin; 
  • EB-57E 55-4274 "JO" from the 62nd TRS, 363rd based at Shaw AFB during November 1975. SEA scheme with black undersides and a yello tip to the find and rudder. White "JO" tailcodes were carried, together with TAC badges on the fin.

As always, this sheet has good and bad parts. It includes two decal sheets, one complete stencil markings for a single aircraft, including walkways, and the other with individual aircraft markings. It also provides "U.S. AIR FORCE" and "USAF" markings in Insignia Red. However, the individual aircraft markings are extremely thin and the white and yellow markings may not be dense enough to appear opaque.

Review and images by Chris St Clair