Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-194
Decal Sheet Title Martin B-57 Canberra Part 2
Types Featured B-57B, EB-57E, RB-57A

Print Scale sheet 72-194 "Martin B-57 Canberra Part 2" provides markings for six different B-57 Canberras. The airframes featured are:

  • B-57B 53-3826 from the 501st BS, 345th BW. Overall natural metal with an olive drab anti-glare panel and black nose tip. It carried a blue chevron on the fin with a squadron badge superimposed and a stylised blue arrow on the wingtip fuel tanks;
  • EB-57E 55-4241 from the 4677th DSES. Overall natural metal with International Orange nose, wingtips and fuel tanks, rear fuselage and fin (incorrectly noted as "Orange Red" in the instructions. This aircraft carried yellow/blue/red/back diagonal stripes behind the wings and "BA-241" buzz numbers;
  • B-57B 53-3956 from the 499th BS, 345th BW. Overall gloss black with a yellow chevron on the fin with a squadron badge superimposed and a stylised yellow arrow on the wingtip fuel tanks. All markings were Insignia Red with "BA-956" buzz number;
  • RB-57A 52-1456 from the 30th TRS, 66th TFW based in Germany during 1956. On the rear fuselage were 4 diagonal yellow bands. The fin carried a yellow band containing 4 white stars outlined in black, and the wing tanks were yellow patches containing 4 more stars.
  • RB-57A 52-1427 from the Arkansas ANG during 1961. Overall natural metail with black engine nacelle fronts, anti-glare panel and fin leading edge. It carried 3 yellow chevrons on the fin and a large yellow chevron on the nose containing red stars. Three yellow chevrons were carried on the outer wingtips.
  • B-57B 53-3946 from the 498th BS, 345th BW painted overall gloss black with Insignia Red markings including "BA-946" buzz numbers.  It carried a red chevron on the fin with a squadron badge superimposed.

Instructions comprise a left side view of each airframe, with a separate four view showing stencilling.

Decals provide stencilling for one aircraft (in yellow), with both red and black walkway lines and "USAF"/"U.S.AIR FORCE" markings. The latter are incorrect as they should be Insignia Blue not black. The decals are in the standard format for Print Scale, being matt in nature rather than gloss.

Markings for the B-57 are in short supply, so this sheet is extremely useful.

Review and images by Chris St Clair


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