Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Spectre Resins
ID SR72-AC-002
Title Directed Infra Red Countermeasures for C-130
Designed-For Kit Italeri

Spectre Resins seem to specialise in producing resin accessories for items which are a little unusual, but extremely useful, and this release certainly fits into that category.  The modern USAF AC-130 and MC-130 fleet carry DIRCM turrets (Directional Infra Red Countermeasures), but until know it has been very difficult to model them.

The AN/AAQ-24 system is a directed infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system. It consists of a missile warning system (AN/AAR-54), an integration unit, a processor, and laser turrets (Small Laser Targeting Assembly, SLTA). Early versions used an arc lamp to generate the jamming signal. Newer versions produced by NGC use diode based pump systems are known by the GUARDIAN name, and will likely be fitted to many commercial carriers in the near future pending the completion of many tests on the viability of such options.

The Spectre Resins set comprises 2 one-piece mouldings which fit well to the fuselage and look good.  They are not highly detailed, but then neither is the real thing!  Highly recommended if you want to build a modern USAF SOC C-130! 

Review & photographs by Chris St Clair, with additional photographs courtesy of Haydn Hughes