Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Spectre Resins
ID SR72-AC-001
Title E-Systems RC-135 cheeks
Designed-For Kit AMT/ERTL, Heller

The first in a new line of resin accessories, Spectre Resins has produced the E-Systems cheek radomes as fitted to some of the RC-135 variants.

There were two types of cheek radomes fitted to the RC-135s, and the AMT/ERTL RC-135 kits featured the Martin type.  This is the first time the E-Systems version has been produced so it is much appreciated!

Moulded in beige resin, the two cheeks are beautifully detailled.  I fitted them against the fuselage on my KC-135A and they seem to fit well.  Let's see someone make use of them!

Review by Chris St Clair, sample provided by Spectre Resins